Our Private Policy and the treatment of your personal data.

Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta, respect the right of its users to be informed regarding the collection and other operation of the treatment of their personal data.
This Privacy Policy provides you any useful information to understand how we collect and we use the information that identify the users of www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it.
For any others information regarding our Private Policy, you can send us requests at the following mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.
Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta informs that this “Private Disclosure” known also as Privacy Policy rules only the private practises related to the Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta, thought out www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it , and excludes the products and/or services not available; or activated through www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it, eventually accessed through our links, of which Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta is not in a way responsable.
In the treatment of the data that can identify your person , we respect a principle of strict necessity, intact www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it is configured in a such a way that the use of personal data is minimized in a way to avoid the treatment of your personal data, when the purpose of the specific cases can be realized through to the use of anonymous data or through others means, that allow to identify the person interested, only in case of necessity or over request of the authorities and police forces.(for example, for the data relatives at the traffic and the time you spend visiting our website or your IP address).


Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta, is the owner of the treatment of personal data of the users of www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it, it decide in an autonomous way over the purposes and methods of treatment, including the security profile).


The treatments connected at the Web services of www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it , are treated at the registered office from Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta and in other places where the parties involved in the treatment are located.
They are treated by the owner of the treatment or from others, charged for occasional maintenance of the web site.


Your personal data are collected and processed from Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta , for purposes strictly related to the web site and its services. Your personal data will be conserved in a way that allows your identification, for the strictly necessary at the purposes for which the data were collected and treated and in any case, within the law limits.


As applicable and when necessary, time to time, we will inform you of the compulsory or optional disclosure of your personal information to the Company web site www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it).

We will highlight the compulsory or optional disclosure of the communication of your personal data, affixing a recognition symbol (asterisk) to the information that are compulsory or from the only necessary data for the deliveries of the services and product on www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it.
We remind you that the missing communication of optional personal data, will not have any obligation or disadvantage.


Personal data can be made available to third parties companies, that performed on behalf of www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it , for specific services as data processors and only when such finality is incompatible with the purposes for which your data have been collected and further processed and anyway in compliance with the law.

You personal data will not be given, sold or otherwise transferred to third subjects, without the users have been informed and without their approval, when this is required by the law.

HOW WE COLLECT THE PERSONAL DATA ON www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it :

The optional, explicit and volunteer sending mails involves the following acquisition of the sender address, necessary to answer at the requests and eventually other personal data included in the message.
The mail address will be used for usual/possible exchange of information between www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it and the owner of the mail address. The given data will not be given to third subjects.


www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it uses cookies as automatic system of data collection.
Cookies is the device transmitted to the user hard disk, It doesn’t contain comprehensive information but allows to associate the user at the personal information that the user has been given on ww.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it. Each internet browser allows to cancel the cookies after each session.
Internet browser contain the instructions how to make such cancellation.
You can consult more details in our COOKIES page.


Google analytic collect information on the user visit as IP address, for example the browser, the time spent on the pages and so on.
The service is use only for technical purposes, in a way to allow an analysis aimed to a better indexing of the web site on the search engines.
To know better the functionality and the data collection, you can examine the documentation:

-              Service terms and conditions of the use for both services.

-              Privacy Politics for both services.

“Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc (hereinafter referred Google).
Google Analytics uses “Cookies”, that are text file placed in your computer, to allow at the Website, to analyze horw the users uses the website. the information produced by the “cookies” on the availment of the Website from you (included your IP address), will be transmitted and registered at the Google server in the United States.
Google will use these information, with the aim to track and analyze your availment of the Website for the operation of the Website and provides other services relative at your activities of the website and the use of Internet. Google can also transfer these information to third subjects, when is enforced by the law or where these third subjects treat these information on behalf of Google.
Google will not associate your IP address to others data possessed by Google.
You can refuse to use “The Cookies” by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, but this can prevent you by using all the functionalities of this Website.
Using the present website, you will allow at the treatment of your personal data from Google, for the mode and the purposes say out above”

We adopted some security measures in a way to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidentally, of the access data not authorized ,of the treatment not allowed or not conform at the collection purposes, indicated in our Privacy policy.
However Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta, can’t guarantee at its users that the adopted measures for the website security and for the trasmission of the data and the information on www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it , limits or excludes any risks of not allowed access or loss of the data.
We suggest you to make sure that your computer is equipped with software devices appropriate on the protection of data trasmission, in and out, (as updated antivirus and firewalls) and that your internet service provider has adopted suitable measure for the security of data trasmission in internet, for example: firewalls and spamfutering).


You always have the right from Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta, to have the data confirmation, that are regarding you even if they are not yet recorded and when their communication it’isn’t intellegible.
You have the right to obtain from www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it information regarding the origin of your personal data, the finality and the mode of the treatment of your personal data, the logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic instruments, the identity of the owner’s extreme and data controllers, the name of individuals or categories of persons to whom the information may be communicated.
All these information are in our PRIVATE POLICY.
Freely and in each moment you can exercise your rights, provided that within legal limits, on request to Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta, and to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! , which we will give appropriate feedback.

You will always have the right to obtain from Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta:

1.            Updating, reftification and when you will have the interest, the integration of your personal data.

2.            The cancellation, the anonymous transformation or the block of your personal data, treated unlawfully, including data that don’t need to be kept in relation at the reason why the personal data have been collected and subsequently processed.

3.            Cerification that the operation referred to the points 1 and 2, have been notified, even regarding their content to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves thai is impossible or involves the use of means clearly disproportionated to the protected right.

You will have the right to object totally or partially:

1.To legitimate the processing of your personal data for collection purpose;

2. At the treatment of your personal data for sending advertisement on a direct marketing for the purpose to carry out market research or commercial communication.


This Private Policy is adjusted by italian law and in particularly by the code regarding protection of your personal data (legislative decree 30th of June 2003 n. 196) that discipline the treatment of personal data.
The code guarantee that the treatment of personal data perform on the respect of the rights and from fundamental freedom; from the user’s dignity, with particular reference to confidentiality, at the personal identity and at the protection of personal data.
The following notion, inspired also at the guidelines, comes from the Directive n. 94/46/CE and from Directive n. 2002/58/CE and it regards, in a particularly way, the collection of personal data through Internet, aiming to identify the minimum measures that will be taken from the interested person, to guarantee the fairness and legality of such practices (in application of articles 6,7,10,11 of Directive 95/46/CE)Il vecchio mulino di Gozza Ombretta, will be able, to change or update, in whole or in part, www.ilvecchiomulinobeb.it private policy, always considering the change on the law, that regulates and protects your rights.