Our History

Via della Seriola, the road in which, our location is situated, was named after the mill-race (“gora” or “seriola” in italian) that once parted from stream Barbarano, to give water power to the seven mills which have operated in this small area for 700 years.the old hous

Now that the mill-race no longer exists, just one mill survives. No longer operative, but rich in historical and sentimental significance, its presence offered us the perfect name for our place.

For many years this mill has given power at first to the olive-press, and then to the olive wood-carving laboratory (from 1886!).

While the mill can only be admired in its glorious decadence, the wood carving laboratory is still operative, thanks to Manuel’s father’s passion.

We will be extremely pleased to welcome you to visit the laboratory, to see for yourself how this particolar wood, that so characterises Garda lake, is transformed in objects and utensiles of great resistance, rich in shades and colour, satisfying to touch and to smell.